The movement of Fluid from one point to another is known as Flow. Fluid is any substance in a Liquefied or Gaseous form. When we now consider the quantity of fluid passing at a particular time, then we talk of flow rate and this is where measurement comes in. Flow and Flow rate are most common variables that are measured today in industries.

Some of the fluids that are routinely metered each day in process and production industries are Water, Petroleum, Natural gas, Steam, Chemicals, Sewage , Process Streams, etc. These fluids can either be transferred through closed pipes or open channels. Flow measurement is important to environmental protection and quality control, process management and the exchange of goods and services (Custody Transfer and Fiscal Metering).

Eurotek Technical Services Partners with Syscom18 S.R.L, Romania to deliver custody transfer metering systems such as L.A.C.T, F.M.S, Metering Skids, Truckloading Metering and Control system to Industries. We undertake Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioningzx

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