About Us

As a company, we have come to realize the need to effectively and efficiently measure or quantify hydrocarbon products in storage tanks to avoid product losses in course of transaction and prevent overspill of product during filling of products into storage tanks both in regular product tanks in depots/terminals and fuel station tanks. But with the Installation and Commissioning of modern and efficient Automatic Tank Gauging & Monitoring Systems from MOTHERWELL TANK GAUGING LTD, such need can be fulfilled.

MOTHERWELL is a seasoned and reputable manufacturer of Automatic Tank Gauging Systems and Tank Protection Devices in the UK. We are specialist in Tank Gauging Instrumentation & Automation for Storage Terminals LPG, Regular Hydrocarbon products and Edible Oil Storage tanks. Our products are modern, world-class, very cost effective, problem free and simple Automatic Tank Gauging Systems for sustainable and efficient operation. The MOTHERWELL Automatic Tank Gauging & Software Systems (ATGS) are versatile, useful and beneficial in the following areas:>

  1. Measures accurately and Displays Real-time Level, Temperature, Water Bottom/BSW, Volume, Mass etc of products in various tanks thereby eliminating the rigorous task of constant manual dipping and associated risks
  2. Inventory Control and Management
  3. Oil Movement & Operations
  4. Product losses detection if any
  5. Stock recording including End Of Day(EOD) & End Of Month(EOM) reports functionality
  6. Leak Detection, Control & Reconciliation
  7. Overspill Protection; HHL, HL & LLL LL Control and Alarms Systems
  8. Custody Transfer
  9. Comprehensive alarm systems, including SMS messaging, etc.

Our Clients

In the years past, we've gotten to know a variety of wonderful people and corporate organizations. Through these remarkable encounters and our firm commitment to the benefit of our clients, we've been able to foster strong and trustworthy relationships that have enabled us to become the company we are today.
Eurotek's vibrant customer approach made it possible to enrich our clients' experience with our company. Our responsiveness and professionalism allowed us to trnsform simple business transactions into worthwile associations.

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